Klang Hin Hua Mee Sua (600g) 巴生正宗手工兴化长寿面
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Brand 巴生正宗手工兴化长寿面
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Klang Hin Hua Mee Sua

Hin Hua Mee Sua, Klang Authentic Handmade Birthday Noodle 600g

A time-honoured Mee Sua (Birthday Noodle) recipe for more than 60 years, inherited for three generations and still remain fully handmade. The Mee Sua has a nice and chewy texture, and the noodles can be seen individually separated. 

For hot selling seasons, please pre-order in advanced: Chinese New Year, Mid-Autumn Festival, Nine Emperor Gods Festival

For other days: Wedding, Confinement, Birthday Event, Temple Event 

Storage Method :
Store in room temperature can last for 3-4 months.
Store in refrigerator can last up to 6 months.

Note :
If purchase in a large quantity, please pre-order 3 months in advanced for better preparation. 

Cooking Method
1.    No washing is required
2.    Put the noodle into the boiling water. After the noodle turns soft, immerse it into cold water
3.    Water must fully cover the noodle, to remove any salty agent in the noodle
4.    Avoid overcooking the noodle, shorten the cooking time if necessary 
5.    Make sure the water is boiled before putting in the noodle
6.    May stir the noodle using chopsticks while the noodle is cooking, to let the noodle heat up evenly

Ingredients: Salt, Water, Oil, Flour
Net Weight: 600g

Klang Hin Hua Mee Sua 
巴生正宗手工兴化长寿面 600g

面线热卖的季节 (请提前订购):
农历新年,中秋节, 九皇爷诞。






1. 无需清洗
2. 水滚后直接下锅,熟透后起锅过冷河
3. 清水要比面线多,这样才能化解里面的盐份
4. 避免煮过熟,要缩减锅里煮的时间
5. 记得面线下锅前要确保水是滚烫的
6. 煮的过程中可以用筷子把锅里的面线搅一搅,好让锅里的面线平均受热

净重 : 600g