Sui Sheung Piu Prawn Chili (490g) 水上飘虾米辣椒
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Sui Sheung Piu 

In the early year of 2005, James took a journey to Ipoh and leant the essence of making ‘dim sum’ from his master. Since then, James has founded this well-known dim sum shop, Sui Sheung Piu.

Now, James has transformed his business model from a small dim sum shop into a large-scaled restaurant. Dried shrimp and chili no longer serve as the ingredients in their Hong Kong Chee Cheong Fun, but has now became their own individual secret homemade sauce. 

They have adapted the dried shrimp from Bagan Sungai Lima, Klang, mixed with dried chili and fried onion as their own unique sauce. This little unique invention indeed has a crispy texture, and the good smell is irresistible. They look forward to promoting this unique sauce to become one of the localized Klang products. 


Weight: 490g
Best Before: Consume within 6-8 months
Storage Method: Keep in dry environment with room temperature. To maintain the crispy texture, cold storage is not required. 
Net Weight: 200g


早于2005年,James 便独自远赴怡保向师傅学习制作点心的精髓,并创立了水上飘包饺点心店,从此打响了【水上飘】的名号!

如今,James 虽然改变了水上飘的经营模式(从点心转为饱餐),虾米辣椒从此脱离香港点心猪肠粉的配料,脱颖而出变成主角,成为独家秘方的酱料。

辣椒采用了巴生五条港的虾米,配上辣椒干和葱油酥,研制出香脆独有的口感,未来更是展望成为巴生独有的土产 。

保存方式:保存在干燥室内温度 无需储存冰箱保持香脆口感

净含量: 200g