Jalan-jalan Klang JjK 简介

Jalan-jalan Klang JjK consists of a group of guides who are passionate about Klang. We worked on promoting Klang, the Royal Town of Selangor. We want people to appreciate Klang , not just being famous for its Bak Kut Teh but also for its rich history and cultures. We, at Jalan-jalan Klang JjK take you into a better and deeper inderstanding of Klang, its importance during the tin mining-colonial era, the beautiful historical buildings and sites and the various cultures. We guide you through the old streets with pre-war buildings, introduce you to some sun-set traditional trades and some authentic traditional foods. We have various walk tours to suit different age groups. Contact us at Jalan-jalan Klang and we will work out an itinerary which is suitable.


18th January 2020, JjK will be celebrating its 2nd anniversary in Facebook. In conjuction with this, JjK made a change to its image - a new logo with vivid and vibrant colours of blue, orange and yellow. A new fresh image which reflects vitality and youthfulness and each colour chosen relates to Klang in one way or another.


Blue : represents the sea. Klang is near to the port and our forefathers have travelled via the rivers to set foot here - making this place their home and develop the township.

Yellow : is one of the colours in the Selangor flag. It is also a royal colour and Klang is a Royal Town.

Orange : represents JjK's glow as bright as the Sun which allows everyone to appreciate and see the beauty of Klang.

Beside these, JjK is implementing Membership registration. Be a part of us by becoming a Member to help in promoting our town!


There are 2 categories of membership:-

Regular Member : RM50 annually

Merchant Member: RM150 for 2 year


Being a Member will entitle you to some priviledges. It will also give you a chance to participate in some of JjK's exclusive tours. Merchant Members will have the opportunity of using JjK as their marketing media or channel. JjK together with all like-mindeds will work together in changing the people's mindset that there is much more in Klang than just Bak Kut Teh!   


Note: In 2018, JjK has registered with the respective authorities and received approvals and recognitions to carry out the various activities in promoting the Royal Town, Klang in respect of heritage, culture and traditions.



Jalan-jalan Klang (简称,JjK)顾名思义就是走访巴生,Jalan-jalan 在本土马来语的意思为走街或吃风或旅行。这是由一群充满热血的青年成立的非政府组织,主要是带大家走入各个大街小巷,让大家对它有更深一层的了解,这可以是从历史,老行业,宗教,籍贯,在地文化,美食等等的一种重新认识,不再只停留在肉骨茶单一层面上的认知。


JjK 团队正式成立于2018年,从原本的一个人,到现在已有 10 位伙伴一起推广巴生;也很幸运地在这条推广巴生的路上,遇到了许多志同道合的朋友,大家一起互相配合、帮忙,让更多人看见巴生的美。

2020 年 1 月 18 日是 JjK 的脸书专页成立 2 周年,同时也是 JjK 以全新面貌登场!新的标志以蓝、黄、橙色为主,充满了年轻活力,而且各个颜色都跟巴生有紧密的联系。


橙色:代表了 JjK 要像太阳一样照耀着巴生,希望有更多人看见巴生的美。

同时,以探索过去,发掘当下(Discover the past, explore the present)作为新口号,一起探索皇城巴生的辉煌事迹,发掘依旧美丽的巴生,让更多人看见我们的家乡!


此外,JjK 也采用会员制,欢迎大家成为我们的一份子,一起为我们的家乡努力!

JjK 会员共分为 2 种,分别是:
 普通会员(年费 RM50)
 商家会员(2 年会员费RM150)

只要成为 JjK 的会员,就可享有各种优惠,而且还有机会参与 JjK 的独家小旅行;商家会员则有机会被置入在 JjK 的营销物品或渠道。JjK 结合大家的力量,一起推动巴生,让更多人认识肉骨茶以外的巴生。

注:2018年成功获得马来西亚社团注册局的承认, 是巴生推动在地文化与旅游的全新民间组织。


Jalan-jalan Klang