JjK Sunset Trades Cultural Walk 走访老行业老味道
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Sunset Trades Cultural Walk 走访老行业老味道

Around 1860, the Qing dynasty of China was defeated and forced to sign the "Beijing Treaty" since then many Chinese left their homeland to seek a greener path in Southeast Asia, including Klang. Life was not well at the time. After several generations of hard work and persistence, we saw the current life.

Jalan-Jalan Klang (JjK) takes you on a 3-hour tour to experience the thrilling stories of how the ancestors sailed down to Southeast Asia, learn about the origin of Klang's name, visit shops of more than 60 years of history and even play games. Learn about the history of Bak Kut Teh, the knowledge and hear the stories. Also get more info on animals brought to Klang during the colonial period. This is a good outdoor activity for both adults and children to experience the vivid historical story together.

3-hour program :9am-12pm / 2pm-5pm 
Date : Call for Reservation 
Price : RM50 per pax 
Pax : Min 5pax 

自从中国清政府被打败被迫签订《北京条约》,从那时期华人离乡别井下南洋讨生活,包含巴生。当时生活并不顺遂,经过几代的努力坚持,才看到现在的生活面貌。Jalan-jalan Klang 3小时带你感受先辈们如何坐船下南洋的惊险故事、了解巴生名字的由來、参观数间超过60年老店甚至玩游戏、了解肉骨茶历史,学问和故事、聆听殖民时期带来巴生的动物。走出户外体验,不管大人小孩一起感受生动的历史故事。

3小时导览:9am-12pm / 2pm-5pm 
日期: 预约制

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华人下南洋, 从事着不同的行业,从开采锡矿到成为一方领袖。
走入巴生后街, 和我们一起探索不同籍贯的华人所经营的传统行业。
虽然是再普通不过的店铺, 但走入老街坊的生活, 更深层的了解他们祖辈们下南洋的奋斗史。