JjK Little India Cultural Walk 缤纷色彩小印度
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Little India Cultural Walk 缤纷色彩小印度

The Indians and Chinese migrants have many similar experiences. In the early days, they left their homeland and sailed to Malaya. Living from the British colonial period to the independence of Malaysia, the community later established more localised Indian culture, habits and customs. These lifestyle are presented in the Indian Street in various cities, including Klang Little India.
Speaking of Little India in Klang, both local Indians and foreigners love to visit this place. You can find a complete range of daily necessities for clothing, food, housing and transportation plus shopping here are also pocket-friendly.
Follow the Jalan-Jalan Klang (JjK) 3-hour guided tour to learn about the daily customs of the Indians, the main beliefs of the Hindu religion, the unique bird divination in Klang, experience the making of Indian food Tosai and try on beautiful traditional costumes Sarae.

3-hour program :9am-12pm / 2pm-5pm 
Date : Call for Reservation 
Price : RM50 per pax 
Pax : Min 5pax 


跟着Jalan-jalan Klang 3小时导览,带你一同了解印度人的日常习俗、主要神明信仰、巴生独有的小鸟占卜、体验制作印度美食Tosai和穿戴传统服装Saree。

3小时导览:9am-12pm / 2pm-5pm 
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